Egencia Hotel for business travellers

Egencia Hotel: More Choice, More Control

Egencia Hotel gives business travellers access to 190,000 hotels at their fingertips to help them find the right hotel, at the right price and in the right location. On the road or in the office, Egencia Hotel makes booking hotels faster and easier than ever before.

Egencia Hotel Video

Egencia Hotel Video

Egencia Hotel makes booking hotels faster and easier than ever before.

Access To More Than 190,000 Hotels

Egencia Hotel’s user-friendly design is backed by a powerful search engine providing access to more than 190,000 hotels worldwide and relevant results in seconds. Online, business travellers may type in a city, address, company location, or more into a single search box to quickly narrow down hotel options and book.


Hotel Ratings and Reviews

With integrated TripAdvisor ratings and hotel reviews, Egencia Hotel offers peace of mind before booking. High quality photos and 360-degree room tours help eliminate surprises. Comprehensive amenity lists help closely match hotel choice to personal tastes. Additionally integrated maps highlight surrounding restaurants, shopping and points-of-interest.

Exclusive Rates

Egencia offers our clients access to the world’s largest online travel hotel database given our relationship with Expedia and with our hotel partners. We provide clients with money-saving alternatives, special promotions and exclusive rates. Egencia empower business travellers to make the right choice that’s in policy by combining our inventory and content with customer-negotiated rates into one integrated tool.

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