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Corporate travel advice after coronavirus

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Posted: 26 May 2020

At Egencia, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver best-in-class business travel support across the globe. No matter where our customers are, our account managers and travel consultants are there to help.

To demonstrate our commitment to our customers, a few Egencia employees went on camera to give you their firsthand travel advice on what you can do now to be ready when business travel resumes in a post-coronavirus world.

Updating your corporate travel policy

Margaux Mesurat, account manager, Paris

We know that business travel has been upended over the past few months. People accustomed to travelling for work haven’t been able to, and that can be frustrating. And to some, the thought of travelling for business again can also be a little unnerving.

To help your travellers during this time, one thing you can do is to ensure that your business travellers are up to date with your current travel policy. Put a communications strategy in place to let them know of any changes that you’ve made to help them transition back to travel when it picks up.

Tracking travel spend and traveller safety

Shieh Yuan, regional account manager, Singapore

There are a lot of things you can do now to prepare for later. Now is a good time to review the duty-of-care policy you have in place and consider what changes you may want to make.

Another area to look at is business travel security and to have conversations with your travellers about your travel risk management policies and how Egencia provides Travel Tracker to help travel managers locate travellers anywhere in the world in the event of an emergency.

This is also a good time to analyse your data on travel spend. Egencia Analytics Studio allows you to benchmark your travel programme data against your peers, or you can do a deep dive into your travel spend across hotel, air, rail and more. Once you’re armed with this information, you can see whether you’ll find savings by shifting to a different airline or hotel chain, and if you need to put new city caps in place.

Here’s a helpful toolkit if you want to redesign your business travel programme post-COVID-19.

Incorporating sustainability into your travel programme

Delphine Boulton, consulting director, Paris

Now is a great time to think about strengthening your business travel programme for the future. You can think about what you can do to reinforce sustainability in your travel programme or how you can adjust your supplier relationships.

Saving time and money

Hailey Cirovski, account manager, Seattle

At Egencia, our account managers are always there for you. This is a great time to connect with your account manager and have a conversation around how to save time and money and to come up with a plan about how you’re going to communicate any changes in your business travel programme to your employees. The goal should be that when the world is ready to travel again, your travel management programme is ready too.

Reviewing travel compliance

Rachel Lee, account manager, Dallas

It goes without saying that corporate travel has changed drastically over the last few months. This means it’s good to connect with your account manager to evaluate your duty of care and how Traveller Tracker benefits you and your travellers. You can take this time to do an overall review of your business travel programme, policy and travel compliance. Remember, we are here to support you, however that looks.

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