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Video: Adapting to changes in corporate travel

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With the current impact of COVID-19, everyone is facing change and new challenges. Of course, change management impacts businesses and, most importantly, it impacts people — our friends, family, colleagues, and ourselves. This can make us all feel confused, scared, and uncertain. How does this change impact corporate travel? Peter Lewis from the Egencia Learning and Development team shares his insights about the Change Curve in a three-part series below.

The Change Curve is most often used in businesses when implementing change — like how we’re all going through change in our day-to-day lives. Although it can be difficult to acknowledge now, there are positive emotions and steps we can take as we see ourselves through the current COVID-19 situation.

The Change Curve shows how the light at the end of the tunnel may look very small and the tunnel can feel extremely long. But we should focus on change management and how we can adapt. We’ve already seen people connecting socially through virtual interactions as well as people sharing positivity online. These are all ways we’re coping to get through this tough time together and helping each other find ways to adjust.

We’re experimenting in our current situation and soon enough, we’ll start to accept it and feel a new sense of hope. What’s important is that it’s OK to go through the emotions you’re going through — after all, we’re all human and these are natural reactions.

Let’s all continue to reach out, share, and identify ways to start helping each other out. The Change Curve is in action all around us, including the corporate travel industry.

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