Business Travel Webinars
Business Travel Webinars

Webinars over zakenreizen

Vind alle nieuwste en meest relevante inzichten in zakenreizen om uw reisprogramma op de webinar hub te ondersteunen. Registreer om een aankomende webinar bij te wonen of bekijk er een die u gemist heeft.

Travel Manager Prepares For Air Travel During COVID19

Featured webinar: The New Normal In Air Travel: COVID-19 And Beyond

The aviation industry has seriously been disrupted due to COVID-19. This industry is a key driver of global economic development generating 65.5 million jobs worldwide and enables $2.7 trillion in global GDP*. Thus, there is no doubt that it is essential for airlines to put in place effective virus diffusion control measures to prepare for the new normal airport experience as the world moves towards the recovery phase. We will explore what the ‘new normal’ is for airlines in this webinar.


Featured webinar: What’s Next? Lessons Learned from Covid-19

Join Egencia’s Manuel Brachet as he interviews two travel managers about their experiences managing travel through the Covid-19 crisis. Hear how they approached communication strategies for both travelers and executives during the crisis, as well as their plans to revisit and relaunch their travel programs.

Business Travel After COVID19

Featured webinar: Relaunching Business Travel After Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis is rapidly evolving. Join Festive Road’s Caroline Strachan and Egencia’s Mark Hollyhead as they discuss the current crisis and share tips for travel managers to prepare for the return of business travel.

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Wilt u zakenreisinzichten verkrijgen om geld en tijd te besparen, tevredenheid te verhogen en het maximale uit uw gegevens te halen? Registreer om een aankomende webinar bij te wonen of bekijk er een die u gemist heeft.

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