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RFP Template For Your Corporate Travel Programme - EN

Free RFP template for your business travel programme

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Posted: 22 September 2021

The way businesses approach requests for proposal (RFP) has changed. Travel data and reporting have made the RFP process simpler and more streamlined than ever. 

As a corporate travel manager, it's important to leverage the data you have available to make sure you ask the right questions and share the most relevant information as you head into the process.  

Prepare for your next RFP with insights on the performance of your current managed or unmanaged programme and consider the most important areas with the help of this free template. 

Start preparing for your next RFP to: 

  • Focus your RFP on the questions most relevant to your top goals. 
  • Get clear explanations from potential travel management companies (TMCs). 
  • Gather relevant information to support your questions.  

Download the RFP template today.

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