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Egencia Chat for Slack integration

Egencia Slack app integration
Egencia Slack integration

Egencia Chat for Slack integration

Get the help you need with intuitive self-service coupled with live Travel Consultant support—all without disrupting schedules, playing phone tag or waiting on hold.

An easier way to chat anywhere, any time

Whether you’re at the airport, on the road or checking into your hotel, Egencia is with you at every step of the journey. And now, getting in touch is easier than ever with Egencia Chat on Slack.

Getting started is easier than you think

Step 1

Install the Egencia Chat app by clicking the ‘Add to Slack’ button.

Step 2
Step 2

Say hello and login with your Egencia credentials.

Step 3
Step 3

Ask your travel related requests, "I need a hotel in Rome"

Request a demo to see what Amex GBT Egencia travel management solutions can do for you.

Already a customer? Contact Amex GBT Egencia customer service.