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Discover Your Business Travel Wellness Score in 6 Questions

What is your business traveller wellness score at your company?

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Posted: 07 August 2023
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Take the quiz below to determine your company’s Business Traveller Wellness score and discover ways to improve the traveller experience.

We asked business travellers about their last five business trips. More than half experienced some type of disruption over this period.* Most experienced two disruptions during their five most recent trips (26.7%), followed by 21.7% of respondents who dealt with one disruption. As airports and airlines continue to be challenged by staff shortages, travel may not run as smoothly as we would like.

However, travel technology and company policies that focus on traveller wellness can ease the strain of travelling for work. Whether you're a frequent or occasional business traveller, you need to feel supported at every stage of your journey. 

* Working with Censuswide, Egencia surveyed 2,250 professionals, across the United States, United Kingdom and France, who travel at least three times a year. The survey was conducted online in late July and early August of 2022.

Looking after a traveller’s needs starts well before they set off on their journey. The travel booking experience can set the tone for the entire trip so make it as stress-free as possible by focusing on three key essentials.

1. Travel Policy

Corporate travel is forever evolving and so should your travel programme. Chances are, you won’t have memorised every page of your company travel policy or be keeping track of every update. Corporate travel management software makes it easier to choose the right option by integrating your policy directly into your booking tool. You’ll see the best options available at the top of your search results, based on your personal preferences, budget, and company policy. Thanks to flags and visual cues, you will know immediately when an option falls outside of policy.

2. Information

Minimising risk starts with receiving the information you need to make informed decisions. Having sustainability credentials and point-to-point travel reviews displayed in the booking tool enables you to make the best choices. Instead of searching several websites, you should be able to find the latest travel regulations and requirements in one place. Informed travellers are happier employees.

3. Approvals

Approvals provide an added layer of control, but it’s easy to get frustrated if the process is overly complicated. Your travel manager must have the ability to set approval requirements - from trip-level to project or group-level as well as out-of-policy approvals - and your managers must be able to review and approve trips on any device.

For tips on how to boost your wellness programme while still being a travel warrior, check out four tips for balancing personal wellness with business travel here.

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