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The Changing Role of the Travel Manager Webinar

The changing role of the Travel Manager

1 min
Posted: 14 September 2021
Changing role of travel manager

The role of the corporate travel manager has long been scrutinized within corporations but it’s expanded exponentially in the past year. Not only have they had to manage the standard traveller needs, company costs & savings metrics, and supplier partnerships, they’ve also had to to prioritize duty of care, safety & security and well-being.

Travel Managers have worked closer than ever with senior leadership, risk management, legal, human resources, finance, procurement, government relations and other key stakeholders in the past year to define “essential travel” for the success of the business, new rules for travel and how to grow the company without travel.

What you’ll get from the webinar

You’ll hear from Michele Shry from Petco, Jennifer Zimmerman from Manpower Group, and Will Tate from Goldspring Consulting as they discuss:

  • The core components of the travel manager role today
  • Skills savvy travel managers must master as travel resumes
  • How policy and supplier relationships have changed
  • Key success factors should travel managers track to prove their value to organizations

Join this 60-minute webinar, in partnership with BTN Group, to learn the key findings of a study conducted by Egencia earlier this year.

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