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Corporate Travel Manager Training & Community

Egencia Connect Community and Training

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Posted: 12 October 2020
Travel Manager Taking Training

If you are a business travel manager, you’ve likely taken on an expanded leadership role and added responsibilities since the start of the pandemic. In the current climate, no matter the size or location of your company, travel decisions are part of senior strategic conversations and companies are facing tough choices such as balancing traveller wellbeing with a return to business travel. Travel managers like you are increasingly playing a critical role in shaping the approach and culture of your corporate travel programmes.

While 50% of the customers at Egencia agree that travel risk concerns are delaying their return to travel, 90% believe their companies will resume some level of business travel before January 2021. More than ever, they need support from trusted partners who can bring the very latest information, knowledge and thinking to help inform a number of critical short and longer-term decisions.

With this in mind, Egencia recently launched an advanced Egencia Connect Community and the new courses added to Expedia Group Academy related to corporate travel management available to travel managers worldwide. These tools will allow you to share knowledge and access best practice resources and education programmes, which will support you when leading your organisation through the significant shifts in business travel due to COVID-19.

Advanced Egencia Connect Community

The Egencia Connect Community has been around since 2017 to facilitate collaboration between travel managers, share best practices and provide feedback on Egencia innovations. With the newly enhanced community, Egencia customers can now ask questions to Egencia directly, query the Egencia knowledge base, engage in topical discussions and join product pilot programmes.

And the Connect Community is not only for existing customers. Any travel manager globally is welcome to engage in learning topics and will soon be able to access peer-to-peer networking and global travel alerts.

Corporate Travel Management Training

The new Corporate Travel Management Training, launched as part of the Expedia Group Academy, focuses on sharing the deep travel expertise across Egencia and Expedia Group with the entire global travel manager community.

The training includes business courses where you’ll gain insights into the fundamentals of business travel, from creating a travel programme strategy to maximising travel budget, and leadership courses, where you’ll acquire practical knowledge on how to manage business travel in the era of COVID-19. Together, these courses will give you the knowledge to guide your organisation back to business travel and overall business growth.

Looking ahead

Business travel is now a more far reaching challenge with new expectations that push you to prepare, plan, coordinate and constantly monitor progress. This is why, more than ever before, the business travel community must come together to support each other, share best practices and enhance our skills. Together, travel managers can strengthen their collective position within their organisations and pave the way for their companies to thrive through this uncertain period.

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