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Survey: disrupted business travelers turn to tech for answers

Travellers turn to tech amid widespread travel disruption

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Posted: 15 August 2022
Travelers turn to tech
  • 69% of frequent business travellers now expect travel disruption
  • 96% of travellers value disruption management technology
  • 94% of professionals still think business travel is beneficial

San Diego, CA – August 15, 2022 – Nearly three quarters (74%) of business travellers are more likely to use digital tools like apps and virtual agents to get disrupted trips back on track since the pandemic, according to new research from global B2B travel tech platform, Egencia.


The survey of 2,250 frequent business travelers1 across France, the UK and the US, reveals that travel chaos has caused 73% of their recent trips to be disrupted in some way – including flight delays and cancellations2.

More than two-thirds (69%) of business travellers polled think they'd be likely to experience disruption if they were to travel today (rising to 76% in the UK). Consequently, 85% proactively put some sort of plan in place to alleviate the inconvenience, such as booking an early morning flight (46%) or avoiding certain airlines and airports (40%).


Since the pandemic, younger professionals are more likely to use tech to manage disrupted schedules than those more than 55 years old - 75% of under 35s have adopted the tech trend as opposed to just 60% of the older generation.

Gaining access to real-time updates was selected as the greatest benefit of using digital tools to manage changes to business travel by 43% of all respondents. The overwhelming majority agree that technology adds value to trip management with only 4% disagreeing.

Top five benefits of using tech to manage disrupted trips:

  1. Access to real-time updates
  2. Time savings
  3. Immediate, personalised support from a corporate travel agency
  4. Avoid queues and customer service desks
  5. More choice for new arrangements

The research also reveals an appetite for more automated options to smooth travel disruption in the future, with more than a third (34%) of frequent travellers calling for predictive flight alerts and 28% wishing for automatically rebooked flights when things go wrong.


The rapid pace of travel rebounding is putting stress on the entire travel eco-system, creating challenges around the world for travellers. With the frequency of disruption skyrocketing, business travellers are increasingly unwilling to travel if any disruption occurs, with nearly half (49%) saying they would prefer to cancel their trip.

Despite the chaos, nearly all professionals surveyed (94%) still see the benefits of being back on the road for work. Face-to-face collaboration tops the list of travel benefits with nearly a third (30%) of all respondents choosing this reason. Only one age group disagreed – respondents aged 55+ years are more interested in the ability to finalise deals with in-person meetings.

Egencia President Mark Hollyhead said: “Business travellers are increasingly concerned about experiencing problems on the road and getting the support they need. Whatever the purpose for a trip, if you make the decision to travel it’s an investment in time. We want to be there for our customers and provide the technology and service to manage disruptions as seamlessly as possible.”

1 Frequent business traveller are defined as someone who travels at least three times a year for business
2 data reveals you are twice as likely to experience flight delays in 2022 compared to 2021

Research Methodology:

750 professionals who travel at least three times a year in each region (UK, USA and France) were surveyed online between July 25, 2022, and August 1, 2022, by Censuswide.

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