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Why Splunk chose Egencia to deliver business travel


VIDEO: Making business travel culture count at Splunk

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Multinational software company, Splunk, makes machine data accessible — and valuable — to everyone. A fast-growing business, Splunk “loves good technology” and is focussed on supporting its travellers with the most current, relevant tools.

Watch the video to find out how Egencia’s global platform makes travel successful and straightforward at Splunk.

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Video transcript

“Splunk is a software company. We specialise in machine data, so we read machine data and analyse it and make it actionable. I see the role of corporate travel manager at Splunk as a service role, so I see it as putting tools and technology in front of my employees to help them travel the easiest way, so they can get on with doing business. One of the biggest things I love about bringing Egencia on is that it works for us on a global basis. We really needed a global platform, but I wanted to have local content.

The thing that I love the most about Egencia is the ability that I have within the tool, that I can make changes to policy on the fly, I can add profiles – so I love that I have the technology at my fingertips so that I’m not having to escalate that. But obviously the reporting is fantastic, I love that I get reports when somebody’s be impacted, it tells me exactly who’s impacted by a weather event, a terrorist attack, anything that happens I know right away who’s affected so that I can reach out and provide care.

We love good technology at Splunk. And it’s always challenging to find a technology that can grow with us and is sustainable… as fast as we’re growing. We needed a technology that could meet us where we’re headed and so that’s part of our culture, is that how do we put technology in place that is really customer focussed. When I say customers, I mean my own employees and my own travellers. So that’s how I support the culture at Splunk with our tools, is making sure I give them tools that are relevant, that are current, that are what they expect, that they would expect in the regular market place from a leisure perspective.

Egencia makes me successful because it puts the data at my fingertips to do the job that I need to do, whether that’s provide duty of care, whether it’s to go and leverage my spend, whether it’s the tool that helps my employee get from point a to point b and get in front of a customer that grows our business.”

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